Why You Need To Strut Around In High-Heels

How To Wear Your High-Heels

I have an entire cupboard dedicated to my previous high heels which I have collected over the years; all different colours and styles. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and bad weather, I have not been able to wear them as often as I would like. I own a number of heels that are so classic and beautiful, they are extremely comfortable which means I can wear them for nearly the whole day before I start to complain. Unfortunately, I also own a few heels which start to cause me discomfort quite quickly

The classic heel will always  remain  the number one choice when dressing up  when wearing dresses, skirts, jeans and so here are my tips on how to find the perfect pair of heels that will keep you classy for many, many years.

  1. Invest in good quality leather – I recommend you to concentrate on leather as it stretches and shapes according to your foot.
  2. Walk around for some time – Walk around in your favourite pair of heels as much as you can to get a realistic feel of the shoes. If they do not feel right, explore other heels until you find your match.
  3. Assess how your toes feel – If you find the heels to be even slightly uncomfortable in the store then they can only get worse when you wear them to an actual event.
  4. Find the best shape for you – In order to find the best shape for you try on various heights and shapes (sandalette, peep-toe, wedges. People find it surprising that kitten-heels are not often the best option due to heel height causing your heels to ache.
  5. Consider the Height of the Heel – You have to be both comfortable and confident with the height to be able to strut around in your killer heels.
  6. 6. Make sure the Insole Cushion of your Heel Is Comfortable – The soft cushion will help to reduce the pressure but if you do not have a cushion they you can buy detachable ones.

So ladies please keep these tips in mind before purchasing the perfect pair of heels, especially if you are investing more money into them as a treat or for a special occasion.

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