This One’s a Classic

A quick glance through seasonal classics

This time of year can be difficult and somewhat uninspiring. The shops may begin to fill with high street brands brand new Spring collections, but somehow the weather is still unpredictable, meaning you could require at least three layers one day and a light jacket the next. Now a lot of people prefer dressing for the Winter but it gets to a point when even the most die hard of Winter dressers have to hold their hands up and say “bring on the sunshine”. The hotter days are most definitely on the way but for now you might have to jump from Winter wardrobe to Spring wardrobe on a daily basis. This is not ideal but necessary

Whenever the weather is so unpredictable like this we feel that reverting back to the classics has you covered for most weather situations. Some things just always look good whatever the weather (and your mood) and that includes a check vintage blazer, a chunky knit and some slip on pumps. When it is difficult to prepare for these conditions we always go back to the tried and tested styles and nine times out of ten it’s something classic, pretty plain, but it just always works.

If a check blazer is something you are looking for then never dismiss heading to a charity shop and if you like that oversized look then head to the mens section. Wear this over a beautiful slip dress and some heels to create a Winter/Spring hybrid look. If you go for the mens oversized blazer then make sure the shoulder pads are huge. The bigger the better and to balance the look out cool the sleeves up. If it’s still a bit chilly for the slip dress pair it with some skinny or mom jeans to help keep you a bit warmer.

So if the weather is getting you a bit down and your unsure what to wear just revert back to the classics, the staples, the ‘you can’t go wrongs’ and you will always find an outfit that will go together come rain or shine.

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