Hot White Denim

White denim is one of those styles that you don’t wear very often. They can look fantastic if styled right but most ladies are worried about getting them dirty. Get a red wine stain on them and you’re going to have work extremely hard to get them bright white again. That aside, its difficult to ignore just how amazing white jeans can actually look. Read on for some amazing styling tips…

On vacation  

Give you linen trousers a rest and go for some cropped, white, skinny jeans instead. Add rips for extra ventilation so you don’t melt in the Summer heat. Go for a cropped bralet in the same colour and finish with an oversized straw hat.

Doing the school run

This can often be the most hectic time of day so don’t try too hard. Grab you white denim jacket and throw it on with ripped denim jeans. Finish with some on trend chunky, dad sneakers and you’ll look the biz even when you’re carting your young kids about.

Grab some Lunch

Wear some beautiful, high waisted, mom jeans to blur the lines between comfort and stylish. These are perfect for after food as they won’t be as tight as their skinny jeans counterpart. Extra room for more food. Wear with a ruffle blouse to ramp the femininity up to the next level.

Got a Hot Date

An all white outfit will get those boys hearts racing. Go for some ripped skinny jeans and wear them with some stiletto heels. Finish the outfit off with a plunging, metallic top and top with a longline black blazer.

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