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How to do Workwear in Summer

This is the scenario…it’s 28 degrees outside but you’re on the way to the office. You are perspiring at an alarming rate and you’re getting yourself in a bit of a fluster. Sound like you on a regular basis in Summer? If it is then you need to read on. We know that there are many hurdles when it comes to getting the balance of your outfit right. You want to keep cool but still look sophisticated. It’s not an easy task so we have decided to give you helping hand.


Cool Corduroy

Yes, you read correctly, corduroy is making a surprise comeback this season. This fabric was huge way back when and was once considered a better fabric then it’s denim counterpart. Unfortunately, corduroy then plummeted in the fashion rankings and seemed to disappear in a puff of smoke. I have been getting very excited about the reemergence of this trend as there has been some amazing new styles being sent down the runways at fashion week. Read on for some of the very best corduroy styling tips…