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3 Ways to Style Denim for the Spring

If there’s one thing that’s a certainty in the fashion world it is that you can always rely on denim. From jackets to jeans, you can be sure to find lots of denim in every ladies wardrobe. It’s a new season so you must try to keep the traditional pieces current this season, we are looking into vintage designs, new shades and easy add-ons. We are particularly fond of pastel shades. lilacs, lemons, and mint greens are perfect. These colours shout out Spring/Summer. The runways have also been awash with primary coloured jeans including blood red, cobalt blue and sunshine yellow. These colours are bold and more eye catching than their pastel counterparts, but we do love both equally. Whether you’re trying to make a statement or keeping it more subtle their are coloured jeans out there for you. Read on for some amazing styling tips…


How to Wear the Trend: Seventies Decoded

It’s been on the fashion agenda for well over a year now, and the nineteen-seventies is loving the limelight so much, it just isn’t going away. The silky-shirted, wide-legged, big-haired style is appropriate anywhere, and looks especially at home in the Riviera or at a festival. Brush up on the calling cards of true 1970’s style with our round up below. Think of your eccentric aunts old floral cushion covers and you’ve got an idea of what sort of styles we are getting at.