Fashion Girl Ways to Wear Sheer Dresses

Sheer Dresses Straight Off The Catwalk

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that shearing clothing has been rocketing to the top of the fashion stakes. I have always had a sheer dress in my closet but since then, I’ve never wore it on a night out. Hopefully I am not the only one. I have become used to seeing the sheers designs all over the high street but for some reason I still don’t have the urge to wear mine. But of course, I like to try and change my mindset when it comes to new trends, especially ones that are as big as this one.

Read on for some amazing sheer styling tips. But remember the most important factor…confidence.

Tough Tutu

Wearing a short, sheer dress with nothing more than your underwear can be daunting. Keep your legs on display but layer a formfitting frock underneath the see through dress. To really give the vibe of a true tutu style, why not work in a military jacket, chunky platform boots and a trendy pair of thin lens sun protectors

T-Shirt Twist

This is not the normal T-shirt and jeans look. A longline white T-shirt can be layered over the top of a sheer lace dress. It becomes a nonbasic . Choose an oversized men’s T-shirt that’s long enough to function as a tunic. Enhance the dressed-down vibe with sneakers and a roomy bag.

Layer Up

Certain designers has a mastery of layering and the Spring 2018 fashion shows provided a grand scale of inspiration on how to make sheer dresses wearable. To pull off the designer’s twist on this look, start with a white vest top and briefs… or a modest romper. Then add the sheer dress and finally finish with an embellished coat. For a twist, add clashing knee-high socks and metallic sandals.

Double Dress

Why not try and make an old frock feel new by wearing a sheer dress over the top? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different layers and styles. Get a cohesive finish by coordinating accessories with the sheer style. Furry slides, socks and cat eye sunglasses are fashion girl-approved options, but feel free to switch it up.


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