Cool Corduroy

Corduroy Coming Back

Yes, you read correctly, corduroy is making a surprise comeback this season. This fabric was huge way back when and was once considered a better fabric then it’s denim counterpart. Unfortunately, corduroy then plummeted in the fashion rankings and seemed to disappear in a puff of smoke. I have been getting very excited about the reemergence of this trend as there has been some amazing new styles being sent down the runways at fashion week. Read on for some of the very best corduroy styling tips…

Corduroy Suit

A corduroy suit might sound a bit much for even the most advanced fashionista. But I wouldn’t hold back. Some of the corduroy suit on show in Paris were quite breathtaking. One of my favourite ones was the lilac corduroy suit produced by Gucci. The flared trousers and boxy jacket paid homage to the 70s in which corduroy reigned supreme.

Keep is Cosy

At the start of Autumn it seems like it’s acceptable to throw on some tracksuit bottoms and throw your hair in a bun. We all get this when the Summer comes to an end. The cold weather is coming so you must invest in a new coat. A long, corduroy coat would be a great addition to any wardrobe and thankfully you’ll be bang on trend this season.

Keep things Plush

Skirt suits are going to be huge this season. They are already great fro the office but now we need to elevate them to the next level. A mustard corduroy skirt suit doesn’t get much more street style worthy. This will make people think you have been rubbing shoulders with the biggest fashion influencers.

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