8 Things That Will Make you Look Designer

A list of ideas to spruce your wardrobe this season

If your like me and just assume that you need to spend loads of money to look elegant and sophisticated—also like me you may find you are mistaken! Looking the part doesn’t always necessarily mean emptying the bank account for expensive labels . You can add tweaks to your wardrobe to make your outfits look more expensive, from making sure you’re clothing is always perfectly pressed or even matching the colours to make your outfit look like its designer. Keep reading to see how you can make yourself look a million dollars without breaking the bank.

Make it Look Like Someone does your Washing

The best way to look look all designer is to make sure you always have pressed shirts and trousers. This will give your outfits that extra edge. When you walk into the office you want to look like a serious girl boss, and having your outfit in order is the first step in doing so.

You’ll Look Alright in All White

All white just has that expensive feel about it. Wear it with extra red lipstick and slick your hair back. This will blue the lines between catwalk and street style.

Wear Heels

If you hop on the tube in the morning you’ll notice that everyone is wearing trainers or pumps. To make it look like you exclusively travel by taxi wear some killer heels.

Take an Umbrella to Protect your Blow Dry

Get an all black umbrella, preferably one with a tortoise shell handle. This will make you look all business like and it will also protect your blow dry.

Wear your Bag Around your Elbow and Not Around your Shoulder

We don’t actually know why this works, but it does! Victoria Beckham seems to be doing this on the regular so we should do too, right?


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