6 Stylish Outfits to Wear to Work When It’s Cold AF

We all know how difficult dressing for the office can be. You want to look stylish and sophisticated but still very professional. It’s not an easy task to pull off at the best of times but now the cold weather has arrive it is even harder. The big chill makes it hard to leave that house without looking like you’re wearing your quilt cover because you’ve got that many layers on. The other problem you face is the heating being turned up full blast in the office. You really do need to get a happy medium when it comes to your workwear wardrobe at this time of year. Read on for some office styling tips…

The Check Skirt

A checked pencil skirt in a vibrant yellow or red colour blurs the lines between street style and office wear. The perfect skirt for those days when you need to won it like a girl boss.

Professional but Cozy

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