Dress Like a Fashionista

As the mercury begins to rise it would be nice to have an idea what trends are going to be big when those warmer months finally arrive. Well don’t worry because we are going to do the donkey work for you. Below is a definitive guide to the top 4 looks you can expect to see on the most hardcore fashionistas this Summer. From pastels to sequins we are going to make sure you are in the know come May.


Sequins have been and gone many times over the past few decades. Often linked to the disco era of the 70s, this trend has been loved by all age groups and is back with a bang this season. It seems the more sequins the better at the moment. Go for a full sequin detail dress for maximum effect.


Pastel shades madea return last Spring and seems they are going nowhere in a hurry. Lilac knocked millennial pink off the top of the colour hierarchy earlier this year so that would be the obvious choice. If that doesn’t float your boat then i would recommend a beautiful duck egg blue colour. It seems tailored trouser suits have had the pastel treatment and we love it. I saw an amazing blush pink coloured trouser suit in TopShop last week and I had to buy it.


Fringing is another surprise inclusion to a lot of designers collections this season. With the emergence of the amazing western trend it was inevitable that fringing would be included. Fringing is an easy trend to incorporate into your wardrobe as you will find a wide variety of styles on the high street. Fringed bags, shoes, and if you want to go full cowgirl, fringing jackets are brilliant to nail the trend down.

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