How to Wear the Trend: Seventies Decoded

Fashion Classics Heading Back

It’s been on the fashion agenda for some time now, and the nineteen-seventies is stealing the limelight so much that it simply refuses to go away. The open-shirted, flare-legged, big-haired style is now appropriate anywhere, and looks especially at home at a festival or, for the posh people, even glamping. Brush up on the most classic of  all of 1970’s styles with our summary below. Think of your eccentric aunts old floral cushion covers and you’ve got an idea of what sort of styles we are coming your way


This is probably the easiest seventies style to try out as the selection of clothing is HUGE on the high street. If you’re strapped for cash and/or vegetarian, there’s plenty of ethical suedette garments too. If, like me, you love a good button through or patchwork skirt, you will find both of these are abundant in vintage stores. If you’re looking for something no one else will have then i would definitely recommend a goof rummage in your local store. Pair either of these with a 


This one is obvious, isn’t it? Surely this is what we all think of when we think of the seventies? A classical pair of denim flared jeans. Get the fit right and you will love your pair forever – they should have a high rise and fir snugly on the waist and hips before hiking out at the knee to finish in that unmistakable volume. This is the perfect time to invest in some flares too as we begin to shift away from the skinny jeans in the denim world

Oversized Sunnies

Too-big sunglasses are surprisingly flattering on most face shapes, making them the easiest trend from the 1970s to try. Bigger the lenses the better in this case.


‘Shy’ was not in the vocabulary of this decade. It is – after all – the era that saw Studio 54 have its moment. Totally decadent separates in silk and fur existed happily on the same plane. No need for you to go totally Grace Jones though: a faux fur coat with a silky scarf tied around the neck, wrist or even ankle

Best of the Rest

Band tees, embroidery, enormous sun hats, platforms and big hair are all hallmarks of the era, too.

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