How to do Workwear in Summer

This is the scenario…it’s 28 degrees outside but you’re on the way to the office. You are perspiring at an alarming rate and you’re getting yourself in a bit of a fluster. Sound like you on a regular basis in Summer? If it is then you need to read on. We know that there are many hurdles when it comes to getting the balance of your outfit right. You want to keep cool but still look sophisticated. It’s not an easy task so we have decided to give you helping hand.

A Different Take on the Classic Suit

As you may have noticed, suits are getting more and more popular in ladies fashion. A lot of women out there are ditching the classic dress of pencil skirt and opting for a suit instead. The classic trouser suit is normally the go to but the emergence of short suits and the skirt suits mean that you can wear them to the office, which keep you cool but look equally chic and stylish.

Maxi Dress to Impress

So this is hardly groundbreaking but a maxi dress is always a winner when the mercury begins to rise. The variety of maxi dresses out there means you can play around with a wide range of prints, colours and silhouettes. Clashing prints is very on trend at the moment. We would go for a classic floral print maxi but take your pinstripe pastel coloured blazer with you for when the air-con gets cranked in the office.

Slip into a Slip Skirt

A slip skirt is a fantastic alternative to your rigid pencil skirt that you would normally wear to the office. The satin fabric means keeping cool and always having that extra freedom. The last thing you want is to be restricted by tight clothing in the searing heat.

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