3 Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas for the Transistional Period

Dressing between the seasons

One of the biggest fashion conundrums is knowing how to dress for the transitional period. The weather can be all over the place and very unpredictable, so it’s difficult to get that perfect balance right when it comes to your outfits. It can be torrential rain first thing in the morning and baking hot as your lunch breaks swings by.

One of the saviours of this trying time is the humble denim jacket. A timeless classic that is pretty much as versatile as they come. A denim jacket come in many different shapes and sizes. At the moment it seems a more boxy fit jacket is the go to for fashion insiders but it seems cropped jackets are also having a moment. A wide range of colours are also on the market. Light wash denim seems to be spearheading the denim assault and has been seen being worn by some of the most iconic fashionistas.

Denim meets Metallic

Metallic fashion is also having a bit of a moment so combined with the uprising denim trend you are going to get something quite special. A metallic mini skirt paired with an indigo wash denim jacket would be a match made in heaven. Ramp up the rebel chick look by wearing a denim jacket with lots of rips.  

Punk Chick 

Firstly, make sure you go a bit OTT with the jewellery to nail this look. Skulls, and dark jewels are the go to. Once you’ve got your accessories in line then grab your skinny, ripped jeans and your band tee and you’re pretty much there. the missing ingredient…a boxy denim jacket.

Release your Animal  

Animal print has been around for longer than I can remember now and from time to time it has a resurgence. I’m not complaining, it’s one of my favourite prints of all time. Go for a animal print midi dress and top it off with a cropped denim jacket.

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