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Outfits for When It’s Too Hot to Wear Anything

Summer is only round the corner and well and truly on it’s way. Maybe it’s just us getting really excited about all the cute outfits we can out together when the sun begins to show its face. For most people, the easiest thing to do ,when the sun is shining, is to throw on a dress and their favourite sandals and call it a day — there is nothing wrong with that but to get your creative juices flowing why not try something out of your comfort zone this Summer season? 

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Lets Talk Shop

If you own a small retail business then you are going to have your eye on one thing…sales! It is a difficult market to be in as there is so much competition. You will see independent boutiques pop up and be gone within a year. This is often due these people not having a solid business plan in place to help them see through the dreaded 1 year of business. 

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Dress Like a Fashionista

As the mercury begins to rise it would be nice to have an idea what trends are going to be big when those warmer months finally arrive. Well don’t worry because we are going to do the donkey work for you. Below is a definitive guide to the top 4 looks you can expect to see on the most hardcore fashionistas this Summer. From pastels to sequins we are going to make sure you are in the know come May.

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